How does EMI work?

How does EMI work?

EMI works with eye movements which help the brain and the body to process “frozen” trauma. It is described as a Neuro-Therapy which helps clients to process the effects of trauma that lives in the short term memory and still interferes with their lives. By processing different trauma-associated memories they can then be integrated and stored in the long term memory and become passive instead of active memories and emotions. Physical symptoms, too, might disappear or be notably lessened. Clients still remember their experiences but the emotional charge will be greatly reduced.

What can be treated with EMI?

EMI helps with “mild” trauma (e.g. phobias and less serious accidents) known as Type 1 trauma as well as more severe trauma which often causes PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) to develop. This includes repeated neglect, warfare experiences and sexual abuse – know as Type 2 trauma. Certain kinds of depression, anxiety and addiction are connected to unprocessed trauma. Treatment for Type 1 takes typically one or two sessions while Type 2 might need more.

Course participants reported on the supervision day very impressive results with Type 1 clients. Judith uses EMI as part of ongoing therapy with some of her clients and noticed that clients with Type 2 trauma who were stuck seemed to move again in their processing. They became able to disconnect from their traumatised inner parts and to create a “Unifying Centre”, a more objective inner part that helps them to realise that healing is possible and “only” parts of them were damaged, not their whole being. It also seems to help them to learn to care for the hurt parts instead of being identified with them. Studies conclude that overall improvement in Type 1 and Type 2 trauma lies between approximately 50 to 85%.

The course will be three days in total; two days of training after which you can start to practise, and one day of supervision a few months later. The certificate will be given after the completion of the supervision day. The date of the supervision day will be agreed by the participants of the two day training in order to make sure that everybody can attend.


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