Long term training in Psychotraumatology by EMI Italy and Cortex Association .

This year we left behind has been a successful one and the beginning of fruitful cooperation.

We started with long-term training in Psychotraumotology with the first group in Tetovo, a group that is growing day by day and trained by the professional and eclectic trainer Elton Kazanxhi.

Of great interest, EMI’s activity has expanded to other countries and is confidently reaching the EMI final goal as a new technique that breathes and penetrates throughout the Balkans. It all started with information workshops in Tetovo and SUT respectively. In collaboration with the Cortex Center in Tetovo, which was also the initiator of this journey, EMI began its expansion in Skopje.

Responding to UNT’s invitation to Skopje, we organized and conducted informational promotional workshops where students were introduced to EMI. We also conducted other cognitive and informative workshops with other professionals in Skopje. We conclude this successful year with the completion of the EMI Protocol for children and addicts with the first group in Tetovo.
Hopefully next year will be even more successful we are still more motivated to continue with the activities and projects that await us in the future.

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